KYB Premium - For a Stable Ride

Because it is factory assembled and factory exact, your customers can expect its built-in performance features to consistently deliver better-than-new road control and riding comfort. Premium is specially designed to compensate for the accumulated wear and tear on other parts of the suspension system. So it will provide a better ride and better steering.

Premium Series

Features and Benefits

  • Adopts a twin tube construction.
  • Ensures superb durability with high precision cylinder and high quality oil.
  • Breakage is reduced by seamless eye ring mountings.
  • Oil is kept in, dirt is kept out by a multi-lip seal.
  • Less friction and longer life is the result of a hard chromed piston rod.
  • Double action design of three stage rebound valve.
  • Wear resistant piston ring.
  • Three stage compression valve is self-adjusting with full double action for fast recovery

Original Factory Fitted Brands