KYB Gas-A-Just - Mono tube Shock Absorbers

Because these top quality, automatically adjusting, double- action shock absorbers are relatively new, you’ll find the following helpful in selling customers. The basic secret’s the combination of highly pressurized N2 and an all-weather fluid, which helps minimize bounce and sway to deliver more comfortable rides. Less bounce and sway improves steering cornering. In addition, top road contact means less wear on parts, tires. These features magnify in importance for vehicles with radial tires or those driven extensively, for sports car and performance buffs.

Gas-A-Just Series

Features and Benefits

  • Significantly increases vehicle stability, handling, and control over twin-tube designs.
  • Adopts a high pressure gas filled type mono tube construction.
  • Exercises high speed performance for use in long distance driving.
  • Ensures superb durability with high precision cylinder and high quality oil.
  • The more responsive mono tube design automatically adjusted to driving conditions.
  • Application for cars, truck, vans, and SUVS.

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